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The example from the Hypermedia Systems book

The Hypermedia Systems book is the essential book you need to read when starting out with htmx.

In the book you build a simple contacts management appplication using Flask + htmx.

I created a repo that follows the book using Astro + htmx instead, using PocketBase as the backend.

Use this repo as you read the book, otherwise it will not make much sense to you. Hopefully this will turn into a full tutorial soon.

The PocketBase collection contains 5 fields, first, last, phone, email.

Follow along the book and use this repository’s commits as a reference:

It’s not 100% implemented, a lot of stuff is missing (there’s a lot!) but you can get the idea of what it’s like to work with htmx and Astro to build Web Applications.

Right now you can see in action hx-boost, active search, confirmation dialogs, using DELETE HTTP method, using hx-push-url, hx-select, and pagination.